Posted by  •  February 5

The FV Selects have announced the evaluation dates for boys and girls born in 2009. To view the boys evaluation dates please click here. To view the girls evaluation dates please follow this link.

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December 19  • 

FVYSA Exec Extends PGMLFC Suspension

The FVYSA Executive has extended the Preston GM Langley FC suspension to July 1, 2021. While the club did pay the outstanding invoice, they failed...

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December 18  • 


The FVYSA will be hosting its Annual General Meeting on Friday January 8th at 6:30pm. If you have questions or concerns that you would like...

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December 14  • 

BCSA Suspends FV Premier (PGMLFC) BCSPL License

BC Soccer has suspended the FV Premier (PGMLFC) BCSPL License until July 1, 2021. BC Soccer provided the following direction to the FVP...

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December 5  • 

Preston GM Langley FC Suspended

On Friday December 4th, the Fraser Valley Youth Soccer Association informed Preston GM Langley FC (PGMLFC) that they are suspended for breaching ...

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